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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing
Glass Pool Fencing Gold Coast
Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Gold Coast

At Absolut Custom Glass Systems, we are dedicated to bringing you not only the most affordable high-end custom glass but the ultimate overall glass experience. When we hand over a completed project, we simply love the expression on the faces of our customers. If you are wondering about some of the finer details surrounding warranties in the rare occasion of an issue which could trigger the activation of this warranty and its terms and conditions then continue reading or call or email our staff anytime during business hours and we will get back to you as soon as reasonably practicable.


Absolut Custom Glass Systems offer a lifetime workmanship & structural warranty on all glass balustrade and glass pool fence systems that are supplied and installed by us.

Regarding a warranty on the materials, the spigots that we use on all our installations are manufactured from a Duplex 2205 stainless steel which is the most corrosion resistant material on the market for this purpose. This product when maintained correctly will not corrode. Correct maintenance procedure is basically to NOT use any corrosive cleaning products. Just as important is to ensure that there are no small residual metal filings directly after installation. Our team members will ensure this is done correctly on installation.

Regarding the glass panels that we are installing, these are manufactured to suit Australian Standards for pool fencing and balustrade glass. This process entails the glass first going through a toughening process and then to ensure that there are no nickel sulphide inclusions present. If these nickel sulphur inclusions are present the heat soaking process will force the glass to shatter in the heat soaking oven.

Our manufactures guarantee that the above products are as they say they are, and the stainless will not corrode if maintained correctly.

  • This warranty guarantees the structural integrity of the work performed by Element Design Pty Ltd T/A Absolut Custom Glass Systems (The Company) within the scope of swimming pool fences and glass balustrade.
  • The company warranties all the structural integrity of work carried out by it or its employees. Structural Integrity is the standing of the fence or balustrade due to the extent that the company installed it.
  • Structural Integrity is the work the company undertakes to ensure the fence or balustrade will not collapse and be free from structural defects for the life of the warranty. This does not include the structural integrity of work that was carried out by other people or trades that may be either near, on, or in direct contact with the material supplied by the company.
  • There may be times when the warranty is not valid due to the structural integrity of other materials, fixings, posts, ground base, or structures that the companies work may be fixed to and was existing at the time of installation. For example, the company does not warranty work that the structural integrity has been inadvertently effected by, by inferior footings, poor quality post material, (not supplied by the company) poor quality wall material, (where the company has used the wall for fixing to) any fittings or fixtures that have been supplied and used by the customer at their request.
  • This warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, mistreatment or natural elements. This includes but is not limited to tea staining that may occur on stainless steel, stains on glass, discoloration of steel or other metals that is due to the environment. Breakages do occur to glass and even when toughened, breakage may still occur. This warranty does not cover wear and tear on various hardware such as hinges, latches, and posts. Over time the functioning of these fittings and fixtures may deteriorate or cease to function at all, the company does not warranty the functioning of these fittings and/or fixtures.
  • If the customer does not follow the company’s reasonable instructions to ensure the structural integrity of the installation, then no responsibility is taken by the company and the installation is not covered by any warranty.

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