Patch Fittings

Suspending Glass Between Posts

Frameless Glass with Patch Fittings
Frameless Glass with Patch Fittings

Patch fittings is a glass fence system which employs either a 10mm or 12mm thick toughened glass panel, suspended by little metal clamps that hold the glass in place. These clamps are referred to as ‘patches’ in the industry and this produces an illusion that the glass is floating between a pair of posts, only held up by these four clamps.

The glass is generally going to be either 10mm or 12mm thick, with the deciding factor simply coming down to the amount of space that the glass must span between the posts. There are certain specific rules which vary from one state to state which is the reason that we always recommend using a professional installer for all your custom glass installations.

A professional installer such as Absolut Custom Glass Systems Importantly will understands the regulatory nuances from within your local area and can guarantee that your pool fence or balustrade will pass the necessary inspection for pool safety compliance.

These systems have the tendency to be a good option when your house already has a few existing posts and the ground may not have the strongest/stable concrete base – this option provides additional support to make it a safer system. A good example is a patio or veranda with a roof that is supported by posts and the ground may be a slightly older timber deck or paved on top of a gravel base. A frameless glass panel that is mounted on spigots may not actually be among the most suitable application for this variant of foundation, so the next best thing is for a patch fitted system.

A patch fittings system may be the one that is best fit to your glass pool fence in the Gold Coast. But you always have the option to combine this style with another, as well as a distinct choice in glass colours. We can suggest the system, or systems that are best suited to you and your budget. With new patch fittings which have been engineered and arriving on to the market, make sure that you do your research so you can get the system which is pleasing to the eye and will not compromise on safety.

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