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Anytime Absolut Custom Glass Systems receives an enquiry about whether or not we can supply bent & curved glass pool fencing or balustrading – often the client has already been told that it is not possible. Unlike other companies, we believe that anything is possible and are ready to undertake any custom glass system challenge by never knocking back an opportunity to execute custom designed centrepieces which will be the highlight of your home. Over the years we have supplied, professionally installed and awed countless customers with our custom bent & curved glass systems. We are completely confident that we can do the same for you today.

As you can imagine, curved glass is not a standard simple order that we put through to our manufacturers. It requires a lot of extra time in working out the correct radii (yes that is the correct spelling) to ensure that the product that we install is perfect. There is no room for error with curved glass, as the request for curved glass required following an existing curve. The existing curve could be for a staircase that has already been built, the side of a pool that is well past the initial design stages or the curve of a natural form pool. If the curves and radii do not match up, then the projects efforts are in vain. The whole point is to create something extra special which eliminates all the hard edges & straight runs that we can encounter with glass pool fencing or glass balustrades.

Absolut Custom Glass Systems takes a great deal of pride in the curved glass projects that we have completed over the years. From elegant spiral staircases to natural form pools. All of these are jobs, that when we finish, the customer struggles to hide the smile on their face. We find our customers are just as proud to showcase their new glass pool fence or glass balustrade to their friends and neighbours. Curved glass pool fencing that has been through the toughening process – the same as any glass pool fence panels are truly a sight to behold. Held in position with only our stainless-steel spigots supporting each panel the look must be seen to be properly understood.

Although the wait time may be a little longer from the first site visit to when we can install due to the complicated manufacturing process, we make sure our customer fully understands this before we proceed with the order. These are jobs where we like to measure not just once, but often two or three times and double check our templates before we send it off to be manufactured so when it comes to install day it fits like a glove. We have some of our curved glass projects on the website so to be sure and look. The example pictures look fantastic, but seeing these systems come to fruition in real life is totally a different experience. Much like looking at a postcard of an amazing aerial cityscape – nothing takes your breath away like the real deal. Curved Glass is just another specialty area Absolut Custom Glass Systems has been an innovator in. The glass marketplace can be daunting, please make sure to contact us for all your curved glass needs, as we will do our best to make it as affordable as possible without the added friction of stress.

Visit our media and project pages or check us out on Instagram for examples of our quality workmanship and how this glass system can completely update your home.

Curved & Bent Glass Examples

Add a touch of elegance to your property

Internal Curved Glass Staircase Balustrade

Internal Glass Staircase

Nothing enhances the visual aesthetics of a curved staircase better than a curved glass balustrade. Curved glass is a high-end product due to the complicated manufacturing process and extra time that is required calculating the radii, triple checking measurements and ensuring the installation is perfect. 

Curved glass is a product that may not be in everyone’s budget; however, if it’s the ultimate in style and elegance you are after, pairing a curved glass balustrade with a curved staircase is the ultimate combination. To step it up to an even higher level, consider recessing the curved glass balustrade into a hidden channel such as the example on this page.

Curved Glass Pool Fencing

You can make a huge design statement with a glass pool fence system with bent or curved glass. Bent & curved glass can complement your pool area like no other style of glass pool fencing can. Its visual appeal is truly astonishing and is achievable by Absolut Custom Glass Systems.

Bent and curved glass pool fencing is the ultimate in style and class. It is a higher end option and takes more time than a standard glass pool fence, but the finished product is always a sight to behold.

Bent and Curved Glass Pool Fencing
Internal Curved Glass Balustrade

Internal Curved Glass Balustrade

Internal curved landings, lofts, voids and other internal areas with a curved edge can be easily enhanced with a curved glass balustrade. 

Many modern properties these days are utilising curved glass balustrades and when installed properly can really bring that “awe” factor to the internal curved areas of a property.

External Curved Glass Balustrade​

External curved glass balustrades are a glass fencing style which has dramatically increased in popularity over the last few years.  This glass fencing style can be spigot mounted or recessed into an invisible channel to give that beautiful seamless look. 

Absolut Custom Glass are the curved and bent glass experts and even though many of these projects can be challenging and complicated, we never fail to deliver results that exceed all customer expectations.

External Curved Glass Balustrade

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