Frameless Glass Fencing on Spigots

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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing
Glass Pool Fencing Gold Coast
Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Gold Coast

Frameless glass fencing on spigots is just one of the many different systems of pool fencing on the market today. Because of the many different glass fencing styles, we have decided to simply explain just what these systems are and how they work. It is important to us that each client understands their options and chooses the style that best meets their demands. Several of the factors which we will certainly have to think about are; pool safety compliance, building code compliance, designs, the need to match an existing system, the direct environment, and lastly, the budget available.

Out of our comprehensive range of glass systems, fully frameless glass pool fence systems are popular in high demand. This system is fully frameless glass consisting of glass panels, supported on top of small metal posts known as ‘spigots. Typically, it will consist of 12mm thick toughened glass panels, while the spigots are a small post that may be either placed into the floor or set with a ‘heavy duty’ rapid-set cement. This is usually done when the glass panels will be set up on a stable concrete base. One option that helps make this glass pool fence very flexible is the option for the spigots to be installed to a timber deck. This will depend upon the quality of the deck, and if it is properly prepared with enough joist timber to fix through the decking.

The glass sits inside these spigots and supports the panel, which can weigh anything up to 80kg. Because of the weight of these glass panels it is extremely important that the ground they are being set on is solid with little or no prospect of motion or slippage for the lifetime of the fence. There may be some adjustment tolerances possible, but essentially that will add to your maintenance time on the fence. However, if performed the right way from the beginning then the fence ought to be maintenance free – apart from a little bit of cleaning.

For glass pool fencing specifically, there are strict rules controlling to the spacing between the panels as well as the distance from the ground to the bottom of the glass, and the space from the glass panel to the side of a structure. These rules are quite specific which is why we constantly recommend having a professional installer to install the glass, especially on the Gold Coast because all pool fences must be passed by a Pool Safety Inspector.

The finished product will be panels of glass that look to be floating above the ground except of course for the two spigots. This style of pool fencing has become popular over the past several years because of the availability of the toughened glass on the market. So, the name really does say it all; a frameless glass fence.

If you want to learn more about the system that may be best for your Gold Coast needs, to get a free quote, or even to get our insight on how best to style and construct your Glass Pool Fence solution, speak to us on 1300 937 902.

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Frameless Glass Spigot Styles

Frameless Glass FENCING Spigot Options

Core Drilled Spigot

Frameless Glass Fencing with Core Drilled Spigots

The core drilled spigot allows for maximum strength and is used on all concrete applications. The spigots are 2205 duplex stainless which is the highest grade of stainless on the market for strength and durability.

Core drilled spigots are available in square or round profile and in polish, satin and matt black finishes. 

Frameless Glass Fencing with Base Plate Spigots

The base plated spigot is used on decking and/or balcony applications that are not concrete based. The spigots are 2205 duplex stainless which is the highest grade of stainless on the market for strength and durability.

Base plated spigots are available in square or round profiles and can be installed in polish, satin or matt black finishes. 

Face Mount Spigots Smarter Spigot

Face Mount Spigots

The face mounted spigot can be used on any type of facer whether it be concrete or timber. The spigots are 2205 duplex stainless which is the highest grade of stainless on the market for strength and durability.

We use the Smarter Spigot, the only adjustable face mounted spigot in Australia.  The Smarter Spigot is only available in a square profile and is available in polish, satin or matt black finishes. 

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