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There are numerous different types of glass fencing styles for both glass pool fencing and glass balustrade. It is particularly important to us that each and every one of our clients understand their options and chooses the style that best meets their demands, their budget, and best compliments the existing environment.  This page provides links through to all the different glass fencing styles on the market today.

Below is the main glass fencing options available when choosing a glass pool fencing or glass balustrade system. If after reading through the options available you are still undecided, our expert glass fencing designer, Jason Walsh can assist. This service is a free service and all design and quotes are provided free of charge. We are the lowest priced glass fencing contractor on the Gold Coast and we will beat any quote of our competitors. We have close to 20 years’ experience in the glass fencing industry and all work is backed by a lifetime structural warranty. You won’t find that with any other glass fencing contractor on the Gold Coast and if you do choose to go with someone else you will simply pay too much.   

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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Fully Frameless on Spigots

This is a fully frameless glass system consisting of glass panels, supported on top of small metal posts known as ‘spigots’. Typically it will consist of 12mm thick toughened glass panels, while the spigots are a small post that may be either placed into the floor or set with a ‘heavy duty’ rapid-set cement. This is usually done when the glass panels will be set up on a stable concrete base.

Face Mounted Glass Fencing

Face Mounted Glass Fencing

Face mounted glass is when glass is fixed to the face of a structure instead of being fixed to the top. Face mounted glass can be fixed in three different ways. Pin fixed using standoffs, face mounted using adjustable smarter spigots, or recessed into a face mounted aluminium channel system. Face mounted glass balustrade is a popular choice in balustrades as it maximises balcony space.

Invisible Channel Fix

Invisible Channel Fix

Invisible channel fixed glass is when the glass panels are recessed into a channel and grouted into place.
This gives the appearance that the glass is free standing as there are no visible fixtures. These channels can be formed into new concrete pours or alternatively cut into existing concrete. Invisible channel fix glass has incredible strength due to the entire glass panel edge being supported.

Visible Channel-Fix Glass Fencing

Visible Channel Fix

Visible channel fixing is where an external channel of aluminium is securely affixed to a secure concrete foundation. This can be either top mounted or face mounted. The glass panel is then inserted into the external aluminium channel where poly inserts are placed as protection to ensure that at no time the glass is touching or leaning against a hard/raw surface which could compromise the integrity of the panel. We use the Versatilt Channel system which is able to have the tilt adjusted. This system can be used in glass pool fencing and balustrade.

Semi Frameless Full Post Glass Balustrade

Semi-Frameless Full Post

Semi-frameless Glass Pool Fence with full size posts is precisely as it sounds– there is a partial frame, and it is supported by full length posts.

The glass is established into the posts using a wet or dry glazing method. The wet method is when a silicone is applied to lock the glass, and dry simply means that we use a rubber insert that wedges the glass into the post to secure it. The glass used in this particular type of system is typically a 10mm thick toughened panel.


Semi-Frameless Three Quarter Post

This system is very like a full post semi-frameless system apart from that the posts only run up to 90cm above the ground instead of 120cm. The danger of this is that if it is too short, then you might just not be compliant because there is a chance that a small post might be climbed up on. That is why we set the level of this post at 90cm– this is sufficient for almost every pool fence regulation. At this height above the floor, this eliminates that risk, and the Gold Coast Council will not view it as a climbing up point, so it is actually compliant.

Patch Fittings

Patch Fittings

A patch fitted glass fence system employs either a 10mm or 12mm thick toughened glass panels suspended by little metal clamps that hold the glass in place.

These clamps are referred to as ‘patches’ in the industry, and this produces an illusion that the glass is floating between a pair of posts, only held up by these four clamps.

Bent and Curved Glass Gold Coast

Bent and Curved Glass

Absolut Custom Glass specialise in bent and curved glass pool fencing. Bent and curved glass pool fencing is the ultimate in style and class. It is a more expensive option and takes more time than a standard glass pool fence but the finished product is always a sight to behold. Curved glass can be fixed with spigots, face mounted or channel fixed. We provide custom curved glass pool fencing solutions for both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Glass Colours

Glass Colours

We often get questions on whether the glass we supply is coloured. Well, the answer is no, we don’t supply glass generally that has gone through any type of coloration process, however some ‘clear’ glass can appear to have a colour.

A lot of the glass that is manufactured today is made to suit budgets, and with economies of scale this type of manufacturing takes priority.

Glass Gates

Glass Gates

We use three different pool fencing gates, all which are 8mm thick and pre-drilled to suit the Master Range hardware. 8mm thick glass gates are lighter than 10mm or 12mm thick glass gates which leads to less wear and tear on gate hardware over the long term. Our balustrade gates come in two sizes with the master range gate being 8mm thick and the Polaris being 12mm. Gate hinges and latches used are governed by the choice of gate used.

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