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Glass gates are an essential item for your semi-frameless or frameless glass pool fence as having a gate as a part of your pool fence is compulsory under pool safety compliance regulations. There is no point having a pool that you can’t get access to anyhow. Whilst there are some variations on the size of pool gate you can have, the sizes can be limited due to the weight and positioning of where you would like to have your gate.

The standard sizes that most glass pool fences can accommodate come in widths of 750mm, 834mm and 890mm. These are for a standard 8mm thickness toughened glass gate with spring loaded self-closing hinges. Self-closing hinges are legislative requirement and ensure that your pool fence gate will close automatically from any open position. It is possible to have a larger gate fitted with spring loaded hinges however we have found that the sail area of the gate can hinder how well it closes. That means that as the gate acts as a sail with the wind, these forces work against it closing sometimes, depending on the location of the gate and weather conditions.

Whilst the standard spring-loaded hinges are adequate for pool safety compliance there is another product on offer that allows a much softer close and eliminates almost any latching sound that you get with spring loaded hinges. This type of hinge is a premium product but allows us to use a slightly thicker glass gate that will match the frameless panels at 12mm thick.

Not only does the soft self-closing hinge almost eliminate any noise when closing and enables thickness matching of the glass panels on a frameless system, but it also allows us to design and custom manufacture a gate that is slightly wider than standard. This is of course within reason, but we have generally found gates up to 1000mm wide will still close gently with a premium soft close hinge. As the glass cut-outs for this hinge are also different to the standard hinge cut-outs, we can make sure the glass suits the opening perfectly.

As the cost of these hinges is generally a lot more than what our customer had envisaged here at Absolut Custom Glass Systems, we only charge our clients our cost price when invoicing. This way we can ensure the customer has the quality product they expect without any shocks to the budget.

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Glass Pool Fence Gate

Glass Gates - Pool Fencing

We have two types of glass pool fence gates. The 8mm Master Range gates all come pre-drilled to suit Master range hardware. and hinge from a 12 mm panel or wall or post.  Our other gate is the 12 mm premium Polaris gate that suites all Polaris hardware including the soft close hinge.

Glass Gate Latches

We have a variety of gate latches to suit any budget and all come in a variety of finishes including satin, polish and matt black.  All latches are 316 marine grade stainless steel. 

Glass Gate Latches
Polaris-Premium Soft Close Hinge

Glass Gate Hinges

The Polaris pool fence hinges featured in the image suit a 12 mm gates. This is a premium product and because they are very expensive we supply these to our customers at cost when having a new pool fence installed. This hinge is an adjustable soft close hinge that stops the gate from slamming. The gate slows at approximately 100 mm from the latch and softly engages the latch.  

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