Semi-Frameless Three Quarter Post


Semi-Frameless Three Quarter Post
Semi-Frameless Three Quarter Post
Semi-Frameless Three Quarter Post

Knowing your choices before you choose a Custom Glass Pool Fence solution in the Gold Coast is very important. Just one of these choices is the Semi-Frameless three quarter post glass fencing style.

So exactly what does this choice include? This choice means putting in a pool fence that consists of glass panels which have much shorter posts to assist the panels. The posts only have to be 90cm away from the ground while the height of the glass still meets pool fence requirements at 1.2 M high. The glass is the same as a full post system, which is, 10mm thickness and toughened.

This system is very like a full post semi-frameless system apart from that the posts only run up to 90cm above the ground instead of 120cm. The danger of this is that if it is too short, then you might just not be compliant because there is a chance that a small post might be climbed up on. That is why we set the level of this post at 90cm– this is sufficient for almost every pool fence regulation. At this height above the floor, this eliminates that risk, and the Gold Coast Council will not view it as a climbing up point, so it is actually compliant.

The glass extends another 30cm greater than the post and is still set into the side of it using a wet or dry glazing process. Wet glazing simply means the glass is set into the post with a special kind of silicone and dry glazing means that a rubber insert is used in order to wedge the glass in tightly. Both types of wet and dry glazing supply the same security with the glass, it just relies a lot on the immediate environment as to just what glazing method is actually used.

Whether you want to use a three-quarter post system or a full post system boils down to aesthetics. It is a personal choice that both offers the same safety standards as any great pool fence. That is why it is necessary that you let us know when we are actually quoting your job in the Gold Coast as to exactly what size post you would prefer. The glass will often have a little more flex with a three-quarter post that a full-size post, but the difference is minimal. Of course, this method could be incorporated with other sorts of glass pool fencing depending upon your budget and what you find most pleasing to the eye. The Semi-Frameless Three Quarter Post glass fencing style can be used in both balsutrade and pool fencing.

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