Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

The ultimate in style & elegance


Absolut’s frameless glass pool fencing is the leader in style and elegance. When it comes to your pool’s surround, why not add value & safety to your property without interrupting your hard-earned view.

A quality fully frameless glass pool fence designed by Absolut is now an affordable solution that adds to the aesthetics of your pool area and property. We fit our frameless glass pool fencing systems in accordance with local council pool safety legislation – adding a contemporary finish, real value & compliance to your property.
Our aim at Absolut is to make the process of designing, installing and certifying your frameless glass pool fence ultimately a seamless process. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship and value the relationship with our clients. Our team of qualified installers along with the owner Jason Walsh will guide you through the process from beginning to end.

  • Absolut Custom Glass Systems is the Gold Coast’s leading glazing installer for pool fencing and balustrade.
  • All our frameless glass pool fencing is available in various lengths up to 2m, is 12mm thick and toughened to suit Australian standards. Larger custom sizes are available upon request*
  • We have a range of fixing profiles to suit your budget & site specifications, such as fixing on spigots, channel fixing and face pin fixed/stand-off hardware.
  • We supply our hardware at cost price to ensure our clients receive maximum value.
  • Our hardware is in standard 316L & duplex 2205 Marine Grade stainless steel, powder coated & anodised aluminium
  • We provide a lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of all our installations.
  • No deposit required until installation is complete. *

Visit our media and project pages or check us out on Instagram for examples of our quality workmanship and how frameless glass pool fencing can completely modernise your property.

Frameless Glass Styles

Frameless Glass POOL FENCING Fixing Options

Frameless glass pool fencing with spigots

Glass pool fencing with spigots is when glass panels are mounted and supported by spigots. We have one of the biggest ranges of spigots in Australia and nearly all come in polish, satin and matt black finishes.

There are 3 different types of spigots used in frameless glass pool fencing, these are core drilled, top mounted and face mounted. Every glass pool fencing project is different and the team at Absolut Custom Glass will recommend what is the best spigot to use and advice of what colour would best complement the look of your pool area.

Frameless glass pool fencing with Visible Channel Fix

Visible channel fixing is where an external channel of aluminium is securely affixed to a secure concrete foundation.

The glass panel is then inserted into the external aluminium channel where poly inserts are placed as protection to ensure that at no time the glass is not touching or leaning against a hard/raw surface which could compromise the integrity of the panel.

Invisible Channel Fix

For those seeking the real deal, where the floor meets glass in a simple yet flawless minimalistic display – then this is the way you want to go. The Invisible channel fixing option on your glass pool fence is where you get that truly breathe taking finish.

Just like designer brands, there are some great imitations but nothing compares to the real deal and the Invisible channel fix is something that can be quite easily achieved with a bit of preparation prior to installation.

Curved & Bent Frameless glass pool fencing

The biggest statement you can make with a glass pool fence can be achieved with bent and curved glass. Bent and curved glass is a top end product and can complement your pool like no other type of glass pool fencing can. It’s visual appeal is truly astounding.

Bent and curved glass pool fencing is the ultimate in style and elegance. It is a more expensive option and takes more time than a standard glass pool fence but the finished product is always worth it.

Face Mount

Face mounted glass pool fencing is when the glass panels extend over the edge and are fixed to the concrete face with standoffs or are supported by face mounted spigots.  This style maximises space and from the pool area gives the illusion that the glass is floating with no fixtures visible.

Face mounted frameless glass pool fencing is a popular choice with our customers and when used in the right environment can provide a better visual appeal to top mounted spigots.  

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