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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing
Glass Pool Fencing Gold Coast
Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Gold Coast

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The core of Absolut Custom Glass Systems business model relies primarily on in person design and quoting. The importance of needing to uphold the safety standards introduced Australia wide is something we will not make any concessions on, so any company that can design and price entirely on the phone will likely result in your pool fence not being certified. Absolut Custom Glass can ensure your pool enclosure meets all safety standards and at the same time not lose sight of the fact the value your pool adds to your property.

We can take all the stress out of making sure your pool is compliant with local safety by-laws. This is a complete service starting from the first phone call right through to the design phase and installation. Ensuring that every project meets & attains all the the proper compliance form requirements is part of what we offer with all of our installations. When the job is complete, we will also help you down the path to make certain that everything is registered the local appropriate council.

We have successfully executed over 5000 commercial & residential projects ranging from values of $500 to $500,000 and over nearly 20 years from the Sunshine Coast to Ballina. Simply put, we are experts in the industry and our experience and ability to get you the product at the best price unrivalled – which is something we are extremely proud of.

Visit our media and project pages or check us out on Instagram for examples of our quality workmanship and how our glass systems can completely update your home.

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