Channel Fixed Glass Fencing

Visible and Invisible Channel Fix Glass


Channel fix is another type of glass fencing and in this article we explain this glass fencing system in detail. With such a vast variety of glass pool fencing styles and applications it is understandable that the consumer could easily find themselves overcome with options which in ultimately could impede them in your decision-making process. So, we have put together a simple step by step guide to help you navigate your way through the process of finding the glass fence system that fits.

The first step is simple, you already most likely have a pretty decent idea of what you would want your end product to look like. But in order to help turn those visions of a tasteful and classy glass pool fence adorning your property – you need to ensure that sure you have the suitable outfit executing the job. As you are already on this page you may already be familiar with Absolut Custom Glass Systems and the work they do. They are simply the best, the fastest and the cheapest without any loss of quality and professionalism, so going with ACGS is the first and most crucial decision.

We are a firm believer in the clients ultimately being the ones that decide what they want or need. As we are a service-based company, so if any of our clients want something – that is exactly they will receive, it is really as simple as that. However, we really like to go out of our way to educate our customers on what options they have at their disposal. Imagine really wanting to buy a Porsche, but you have never in your life even heard of a Ferrari – wouldn’t you like to know that another potentially better option exists? It would really be unfortunate to look over your boundary fence and see your neighbour with a glass pool fencing system that you in fact would have wanted for yourself.

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Channel Fixed Glass Styles

Channel Fixed Glass Fencing Options

Invisible Channel Fix

For those seeking the real deal, where the floor meets glass in a simple yet flawless minimalistic display – then this is the way you want to go. The Invisible channel fixing option on your glass pool fence is where you get that truly breathe taking finish.

Just like designer brands, there are some great imitations but nothing compares to the real deal and the Invisible channel fix is something that can be quite easily achieved with a bit of preparation prior to installation.

Visible Channel Fix

Visible channel fixing is where an external channel of aluminium is securely affixed to a secure concrete foundation.

The glass panel is then inserted into the external aluminium channel where poly inserts are placed as protection to ensure that at no time the glass is not touching or leaning against a hard/raw surface which could compromise the integrity of the panel.

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