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Visible channel fix is one of many style of glass fencing that we offer and in this article we will explain exactly how this glass fencing system works, its applications and help you decide if this system is right for you. 

We use a product called Versatilt for our visible channel fix installations which has a tilt adjust feature and a channel for the glass to sit into. Instead of having the glass held up by spigots. This system is certainly the preferred choice for some of our customers that may not necessarily appreciate the look of spigots extending from the ground.

The glass used within this kind of installation is 12mm thick toughened and comes in various widths to suit many different fence arrangements.

For this particular system, we fix an aluminium channel to the ground, which must be a sturdy concrete foundation. The channel sits on top of the floor and has a unique plastic insert to make certain the glass is simply never leaning on a hard surface. The glass is then inserted into the channel and held in place with a friction system guaranteeing the glass won’t shift or slip out of place.

Although the channel, when set on top of the ground can be a little more intrusive than other systems a lot of it boils down to personal taste and the functional look that you are after for your property. As the channel runs the span of the glass panel it can appear to give a look of being set into the ground.

The channel is a rectangle shape that covers up the bottom 10-15cm of the glass panel. It gives a clean straight look that can’t be achieved with a spigot system.

Visit our media and project pages or check us out on Instagram to see examples of our quality workmanship and view photos of our completed projects using the visible channel fix system.

Visible Channel Fix Glass Styles


Versatilt Channel Fix

Versatilt Channel Fix

  • Suits 12mm to 15mm toughened glass (including SGP toughened laminate glass)
  • Channel finish is clear anodised – Colours available in brushed satin anodised or mill finish
  • Face mount & deck mount styles available – 4200mm long
  • Pre-machined elongated fixing holes
  • Easy snap-on covers hide all fixings
  • Highest quality complete channel system + easy to install!
  • For corner installations there is no need to mitre cut the channel itself. Simply cut covers longer for easy installation
  • For pool fencing applications, use our 1350mm high ‘Clear glaze’ glass

Visible Channel Fix Glass Balustrade

This application can have the aluminium channel face fixed or top mounted. A face mounted visible channel is actually invisible from the deck or balcony as the glass extends past the edge.  But is visible when looking back at the deck or balcony as seen in the photo on this page.

We use the versatilt system for this application and for all visible channel fix installations.

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