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When Glass Pool Fencing became affordable for homeowners

When glass pool fencing started to become popular for residential homes more than a decade ago the founder of Absolut Custom Glass Systems, Jason Walsh could see the potential for this type of pool fencing on the Gold Coast. With a strong background in design and business he teamed up with a long time glazier friend.

This was a time when glass pool fences were only seen in resorts and five star hotels and with the manufacturing costs of toughened glass gradually being more economical, glass pool fencing could was becoming affordable for home owners. After designing and installing more than a few fences for friends and family the word soon began to spread that glass pool fencing on the Gold Coast was no longer limited to the resort and hotels.

It didn’t’ take long before the neighbors of our very first customers began to ask for our phone number and wanted to have glass pool fences installed around their own pools. This was when the internet was still gaining traction and smartphones didn’t exist. All our business in those days was from word of mouth. Over the last 15 years of installing glass pool fences on the Gold Coast we are an industry that has been able to reduce our prices. 15 years ago, a glass pool fence would have cost double of what it costs now due to the manufacturing processes advancing with economies of scale.

Pool Fencing
Pool Fencing

Gold Coast Glass Pool Fencing Not Just for 5 Star Resorts

Over the years, Absolut Custom Glass Systems has installed every type of glass pool fences system you could imagine and saw the systems progress through better engineering, design and ability to comply with the incoming pool safety regulations. In the lead up to the national pool fence rules coming in a lot of businesses popped up claiming to be the best on the market. As we have learned anyone can claim to be the best, but our results speak for themselves.

With the enormous impact the internet has had on businesses reaching and interacting with their customer base most of our work still comes from referrals. The only difference is now people can search for our website, without having to write down phone numbers on scraps of paper. We realise how important it is for our customers to be able to see our past work on our website, and for us to engage with them.

With a ten-year guarantee on the structural integrity of our fence installations, we stand behind every job we do. We have been in this game for a long time and plan on being here for a lot longer, made possible by our trained staff and contractors and more than 50 years of combined experience between us. That’s what you get when you use Absolut Custom Glass Systems for glass pool fencing on the Gold Coast.

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