External Glass Balustrade

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External Glass Balustrade
External Glass Balustrade

External Glass Balustrade on the Gold Coast is a service that Absolut Custom Glass have been providing for close to 20 years. By having glass balustrade installed in your property you are not only allowing unrestricted views from your balcony or mezzanine but also adding a lot of value to your property.

External Semi-frameless or frameless glass balustrade on your external balconies adds an element of finesse to the outside of your property. A truly classy touch that lets you enjoy the views that you paid for. Our custom designed glass balustrade systems can be made to suit any style of balcony or deck.

Whether it sets off the look of your timber deck, or you are more after the clean lines from render and painted concrete installing a glass balustrade system will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal to your home. Visit our media and project pages or check us out on Instagram for examples of our quality workmanship and how external glass balustrade can completely update your home.

External Glass Balustrade Styles

Modernise your property with absolut custom glass

External Glass Balcony Balustrade

Balcony Balustrade

An external glass balcony balustrade can be fixed using all available fixing systems.  From semi-frameless using aluminium powdercoated posts through to a frameless system using all stainless hardware.

External glass balustrade can be mounted on spigots, channel fixed or face mounted. The fixing choice depends on budget and customer preference. 

Curved Glass Balustrade

External curved glass balustrades is a glass fencing style that has dramatically increased in popularity over the last few years.  This glass fencing style can be spigot mounted or recessed into an invisible channel to give that beautiful seamless look. 

Absolut Custom Glass are the curved and bent glass experts and even though many of these projects can prove to be challenging and complicated, we never fail to deliver results that exceed all customer expectations.

External Curved Glass Balustrade
Face Mount Glass Balustrade

Face Mount Glass Balustrade

Our face mounted glass balustrade uses either a pin fixed stand off system or the Smarter Spigot. Both options provide an impressive look from the balcony as the glass extends over the face of your deck or balcony and maximises space.

The Smarter Spigot is the only adjustable face mount spigot in Australia and is used exclusively by Absolut Custom Glass. 

Channel Fix Glass Balustrade

There are a few options available when choosing an external channel fixed balustrade. The invisible channel fix system provides the illusion that the glass is not supported as it runs into a recessed channel. This is our most popular choice amongst our clients and provides a very modern and sophisticated look.

Our visible channel system is when the glass is supported by a visible top or face mounted aluminium channel. We use the Versatilt channel system for this application.

External Channel Fix Glass Balustrade

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