Invisible Channel Fix Glass Fencing

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Invisible Channel Fix Glass Fencing
Invisible Channel Fix Glass Fencing

Invisible channel fix is just one of the many types of glass fencing.  When people search for a glass pool fence on the Gold Coast, they are usually overwhelmed because there are many styles of glass pool fencing on the market now. That is why we at Absolut custom glass would like to provide you some facts to help you become more educated and in turn more satisfied with your choice. There are many things to take note of when it comes to deciding on what style of glass fence you want this includes: the neighbouring environment, what may be existing already in that area, the location of the fence, and of course, what sort of budget you have. In this part, we wish to take you through what we call an ‘invisible channel fix system’. It is a popular choice because it lets the glass seem to come straight out of the floor without any need for any other type of hardware or fixtures.

The glass used for this type of work is a 12mm thick toughened panel that is 135cm high and is available in various widths to suit all sorts of fence configurations. This kind of installation achieves the highest aesthetic degree, and a 5-star ‘experience’. On the other hand, in order to accomplish this, it calls for a little more work in the beginning before the glass is set. We often have inquiries for this kind of system when your home is being built– which means that we have the opportunity to liaise with the builder before the installation. We can still install this around existing pools and buildings, but it does call for some concrete cutting and considerable planning

For many years, we have developed a version of this system & installation and have been using this now for many years. Firstly, a channel is cut into the cement near the fence line. This channel is 10cm deep and approximately 4.5 cm wide. We after that lay a specific type of shock absorbing plastic within the channel that our team will use to put the glass on. We then set the glass right into the channel, in position and start to fill up the void with a special kind of non-shrinking grout which in the end will support the glass vertically.

For this sort of installation preparation is vital, and we have a lot of years of knowledge behind us that we do not make missteps. If mistakes are made in the planning and setting of the glass panels then it is a very expensive and unpleasant job to have to clear away panels to re-set them. This is because the glass does in fact rise from the ground with an invisible channel system. In this instance there is nothing visible except for the glass panel itself. No spigots, no posts, no shining pieces of hardware standing out. Simply Beautiful.

We would mention this is one of the most minimalistic looks that we can accomplish with glass pool fencing and if this is the look you want then going down this road will be the most reliable option for you. We still can make certain that the pool fence meets all the safety regulations for swimming pool fences and make certain the fence will pass the proper certification. The system we use has been designed and perfected by us and we have not seen anything else on the market that comes close.

So, if you are hunting for the ultimate and the very least intrusive look for your pool fence, we would encourage the invisible channel system.

If you would like to learn more about the system that could be best for your Gold Coast needs, to get a free quote, or even to get our advice on how to best to style and structure your Glass Pool Fence solution.

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Invisible Channel Fix Glass Styles

Invisible Channel Fix Applications

Invisible Channel Fix Glass Pool Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing

For those seeking the real deal, where the floor meets glass in a simple yet flawless minimalistic display – then this is the way you want to go. The Invisible channel fixing option on your glass pool fence is where you get that truly breath taking finish.

Just like designer brands, there are some great imitations but nothing compares to the real deal and the Invisible channel fix is something that can be quite easily achieved with a bit of preparation prior to installation.

Glass Balustrade

External Invisible Channel Fix Glass Balustrade is an application where the glass recesses into a concrete channel with a minimum depth of 80mm to meet Australian standards. The concrete channel can be cut out of existing concrete or formed into a new concrete slab.

The glass is then placed inside the channel on plastic packers and filled with non shrink epoxy grout prior to tiling. 

External Invisible Channel Fix Glass Balustrade
Versatilt Channel Fix

Internal Invisible Channel Fix Glass Balustrade

Internal Invisible Channel Fix Glass Balustrade can be used in internal landings, voids, staircases, balconies or any other situation which requires glass balustrade. This system uses the Versatilt channel system that is hidden inside the void or balcony.

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