Absolut’s Pool Fencing passion – meet our founder, Jason

Absolut’s Pool Fencing passion – meet our founder, Jason

Absolut’s Pool Fencing passion all comes from our founder, Jason, who started Absolut Glass Pool Fences 10 years ago. In that time business has flourished and grown, but this pool fencing passion came from Jason’s initial actions, skills, and talents.

Jason grew up on the Gold Coast with his family being involved in the fashion business. His family had numerous high-end clothing outlets scattered from the Sunshine Coast and down to Byron Bay. His early ventures into business were actually in hospitality – owning several cafes and a lucrative Broadbeach restaurant and nightspot.

Jason decided to renovate his own restaurant, and it was a huge success. So much so that he even began to receive offers to do the same for other places in the area that were excited with his designs. He realised that this might possibly be his calling – to his design skills. In the early 2000’s Jason teamed up with a friend and colleague that happened to be a glazier. Jason could see that there was a gap in the market with glass pool fences, and he believed that with his friends skills, and his talent for design, they would be a formidable team.

This is where the Frameless Glass Pool Fencing business was born and the name Absolut Custom Glass Systems began to spread through the Gold Coast. After sourcing some good providers of materials and completing some jobs for family and friends he decided it was time to change careers and sell up his hospitality interests. It wasn’t long before Jason had set himself up in the industry with a 4wd and glass carrying trailer and began to get referrals from the work that they had already finished.

The company slowly grew and grew and the company had to extend to be able to meet the ever-expanding market. The company survived the global financial crisis of 2009 and the bursting of the property market bubble. Work may have reduced over that period but the team at Absolut Custom Glass Systems managed to still have enough work. The recovery was slow, but right now in 2017 the business is busier than ever before and now has 3 teams servicing areas from as far south as Ballina and north up to the Sunshine Coast, with some amazing jobs being completed in the iconic Q1 building and all across homes in the Gold Coast and Hinterland region. 

This is exactly where Jason’s design skills have been put to great use. There are a great deal of glass pool fencing companies on the market and regrettably many of them do not put much thought into how aesthetically appealing the end project will look. The easy part is construction and compliance when it comes to pool fences. Absolut excels because Jason understands how necessary it is that end product adds value to your property and is as least intrusive as possible.

Now, with three teams on the move and a busy maintenance department, Jason still finds time to actually meet every client and reveal the best design tips for all styles of glass installations. The business may have expanded to meet the demand of glass balustrading and pool fences, but Jason’s Pool Fencing passion remains and he still treasures this human element. Jason Walsh has seen his business develop from a two-man team to what it is today by delivering unmatched service and a quality product. We are always seeking to innovate and expand, so there might even be other Absolut Custom Glass Systems businesses opening interstate shortly

Find out more about us and our team at https://www.absolut.net.au or call us on 1300 937 902.

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