Semi-Frameless or Fully Frameless Glass Fencing?

Semi-Frameless or Fully Frameless Glass Fencing?

When it comes to glass pool fencing on the Gold Coast, there is a wide variety of choices available. Typically, when you choose a fencing company it install or even custom design your glass fencing, you will have your choice of either frameless fencing or semi frameless. Typically, in function, these are the same, but when it comes to taste, you may prefer one over the other.

Semi frameless fencing is typically less expensive that frameless glass pool fencing on the Gold Coast. Typically with a semi frameless fence, you will find that it has alloy, or stainless steel posts that are cemented into the ground. In general, frameless fencing is about 1200 mm tall and is quite strong and solid. You will usually find that the glass used in semi frameless pool fencing is 8mm to 10 mm thick and produced according to Australian safety standards.

The frameless pool fencing that is available is a bit more expensive and needs to be thicker, generally around 12mm thick, because it won’t have the added support of a frame. There are posts with a frameless pool fence that are also cemented into the ground.

Both types of pool fences are safe to use around your pool and are legally acceptable options in Queensland. It typically just comes down to personal preference. Finally, though legally, you are required to have fencing around a pool, you will find that pool fencing can bring a great look to your home and can even raise the value of your property when installed.

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