Questions You Should Ask Before Glass Fencing Your Pool

Questions You Should Ask Before Glass Fencing Your Pool

Glass Pool Fencing in Gold Coast

The perfect way to finish the swimming pool on your property is to surround it with high-quality, Australian glass fencing. It’s like adding the finishing details to a delicious birthday cake or underlining a point well made. It isn’t necessarily an essentiality, but it certainly ties everything together nicely bringing with it, a host of other helpful benefits.

For example, having glass fencing around your swimming pool adds another layer of aesthetic beauty—the way that sunlight refracts through the glass and layers the surface of the swimming pool with a resplendent warmth can only be witnessed first-hand to genuinely appreciate.

But of course, the aesthetic benefits of glass pool fencing are merely a by-product. The primary function for glass fencing around a swimming pool is to add an additional layer of security and health and safety. This is particularly important if you have young children and pets that you can’t have eyes on 24-hours a day.

In any case, your reasons for wanting to install glass pool fencing are your own. What we are going to focus on instead, are the important questions that you must ask before going ahead and making any commitments.

1 – Is a Glass Pool Fence Difficult to Install?

Yes and no. For the uninitiated trying to go it alone and DIY the job in order to save a bit of cash, it’s going to be especially difficult. The glass panels are heavy by nature and difficult to handle so having a buddy help you will certainly make the task a bit easier. That said, why waste your time with it when you can have them installed effortlessly by dedicated professionals instead?

If you are serious about installing the glass fencing yourself, then you must be aware of the fact that it is a big job and not to be taken lightly. To give you some perspective, here’s a  handy DIY guide that you might find helpful. 

2 – How Much Does Glass Pool Fencing Generally Cost?

This depends on the type, style, and quality of the materials being used. You could be looking at anywhere between $66 to $950 AUD per metre. Your natural inclination would be toward the lower end of the spectrum, though we would certainly advise approaching the cheapest options with caution. The bitterness of poor quality always outlasts the sweetness of a cheap investment, as they say.

You’re welcome to request a free quotation. At Absolut Custom Glass Systems, we take great pride in making our services accessible to a wide spectrum of budgets.

3 – How High / Wide Will the Fence Be?

As a standard, glass pool fence panels check in at around 1200mm high. The width of the panels can vary, but generally sit between the 1600-1800mm mark. Frameless pool fence panels typically check in at 1800-1900mm wide.

Again, this all comes down to personal preference. If you’d like to go higher / wider, then we can certainly accommodate you.

4 – How Thick Should the Glass Panels Be?

The most accessible glass panels on the Australian market tend to sit between 6mm and 12mm in thickness, though some people favour thicker at up to 18mm. As glass pool fencing specialists, we tend to advise that you err on the side of caution and stick to the thicker side of the spectrum (9mm +) in order for them to withstand strong force, heavy winds, and harsher climates.  

5 – Are Glass Pool Fences Durable?

Provided a glass pool fence meets Australian Standards, then yes, they will be abundantly safe and durable. With the Conformity Mark of Australian Standards, the glass panels used will be built using the latest tools and technology. This enables them to pass a number of class standards and rigorous testing criteria.

You should accept nothing less than the very highest quality panels when it comes to your investment.

6 – Is a Glass Pool Fence Difficult to Keep Clean? (How Often Should I?)

Glass pool fences aren’t especially difficult to keep clean, but of course, the larger the fence, the longer the job is going to take. A standard size swimming pool with a glass fence surrounding it is going to be a relatively big job, but the glass itself will be easy enough to clean. 

The frequency at which you clean your glass pool fence is largely up to you. If you wish to keep the glass in pristine condition, then we would recommend giving it a thorough clean as often as you can be bothered to do so. Giving it a quick once-over on a monthly basis is likely your best bet.

  • Use regular glass or bathroom cleaner. Make sure you use a scratch-free white pad for the more stubborn stains
  • Use a hose with clean water to wash the dust & dirt off of your fence. Regular rain will hopefully take care of this for you
  • Use a damp microfibre cloth to remove visible dirt, followed by a draw towel to give it a sheen.

7 – Can Glass Fencing Be Attached to a Timber Decking?

Absolutely. The posts will require a special attachment in order to facilitate the timber decking, but it can be done. We would, however, advise a concrete base over timber as it is much sturdier and more reliable in the long run.


All in all, having glass pool fencing installed will come with many benefits. You’ll enjoy the aesthetic appeal and you’ll certainly feel more at ease with your children and pets playing outside.

If you are interested in glass pool fencing in Gold Coast, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. We have over 20 years of experience and 30,000 projects completed, so you can rest assured that we at Absolut Custom Glass will execute your installation with professional precision.

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