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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing
Glass Pool Fencing Gold Coast
Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Gold Coast

If you are simply curious, or already in the market for some pool fencing – you sure have arrived at the right place. Absolut Custom Glass System’s and Pool fencing go together like cheese and wine or perhaps strawberries and cream, (simply imagine your favourite combo so we are all on the same page). One could argue that any pool fence on the Gold Coast which wasn’t created by Absolut Custom Glass System’s, really shouldn’t be afforded the title of a ‘quality’ job well done.

A bold statement

If you consider all the factors which underpin the aforementioned statement, it will become clear that a rationale of such degree is sound. It all hinges on basic mathematical principles, which can be used to deduce future outcomes based on past data. Firstly, Absolut Custom Glass System’s has had a role in the professional design, installation and execution of pool fences on the Gold Coast for 20 years. Yes, that’s right – 20 years in the game with a name synonymous with glass and quality. We are sure that anyone reading this would agree, simply surviving alone in any hyper competitive industry is generally something to be proud of – however our claims are not founded on mere survival but rather on total industry domination over that given time period. It is on this solid foundation we can say the following with confidence; when it comes to pool fencing on the Gold Coast, Absolut Custom Glass System’s very likely completed that job. If it still there glistening in the Australian sun – just as regal as the day it was first installed, we likely did it!

How & why

From the beginning, our founder Jason Walsh maintained an ardent emphasis on quality on every single job. His attitude towards perfection in this industry left little room for any installers who did not share the same vision and work ethic. As a result, it has clearly proven difficult for our competitors to contend with us. Since we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty whilst simultaneously guaranteeing that we will beat any written quote, it is easy to understand why we are in the number one spot when it comes to pool fencing on the Gold Coast. In summary, it really is that simple. We have completed thousands of pool fences and we NEVER handed over a project until our clients were satisfied.

Consider this hypothetical scenario; you are afforded the opportunity to buy a car and all you needed to do was pick the best company to purchase it from. One of the companies has been around since the first cars were being made and not only that guaranteed to price their vehicles at a price point below any of their competitors. This same company also guarantee, that if anything were to go wrong with said vehicle because of an error in the workmanship process – they would swiftly replace it without question or cost. Now which company would you choose?

Now apply that scenario over to pool fencing on the Gold Coast where Absolut Custom Glass system’s is the equivalent of that company. Makes the decision process a whole heap easier, huh?


Glass Pool Fencing Styles

Glass POOL FENCING Options

Frameless glass pool fencing is the ultimate in elegance and sophistication when it comes to your pools surroundings.

Once only available to pool owners and resorts with a no limit budget, frameless glass pool fencing now comes at an affordable price so that almost anyone can have their pool looking like a million dollars.  Frameless glass pool fencing is the most popular choice made by our customers and is a choice that we highly recommend.

Semi-frameless glass pool fencing is a slightly more cost-effective option to frameless glass that still allows you to enjoy the vision of your pools surrounds.

We realise that everyone is different and has a different budget so we can offer an affordable semi-frameless glass pool fencing option as a very good alternative to frameless glass pool fencing for a glass pool fence on a budget.

For those seeking the real deal, where the floor meets glass in a simple yet flawless minimalistic display – then this is the way you want to go. The Invisible channel fixing option on your glass pool fence is where you get that truly breath taking finish.

Just like designer brands, there are some great imitations but nothing compares to the real deal and the Invisible channel fix is something that can be quite easily achieved with a bit of preparation prior to installation.

Visible channel fixing is where an external channel of aluminium is securely affixed to a secure concrete foundation.

The glass panel is then inserted into the external aluminium channel where poly inserts are placed as protection to ensure that at no time the glass is not touching or leaning against a hard/raw surface which could compromise the integrity of the panel.

Absolut Custom Glass specialise in bent and curved glass pool fencing. Bent and curved glass pool fencing is the ultimate in style and class. It is a more expensive option and takes more time than a standard glass pool fence but the finished product is always a sight to behold.

Curved glass can be fixed with spigots, face mounted or channel fixed. We provide custom curved glass pool fencing solutions for both the domestic and commercial sectors. 

Face mounted glass is when glass is fixed to the face of a structure instead of being fixed to the top. Face mounted glass can be fixed in three different ways. Pin fixed using standoffs, face mounted using adjustable smarter spigots, or recessed into a face mounted aluminium channel system.

Talk to us today to find out what face mounted glass system best suites you.

If you don't get a quote from us you will pay too much!

Glass pool fencing and glass balustrade experts. We will beat the quote of any of our competitors. Lifetime structural warranty on all workmanship. Contact us for a free measure and quote today,
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