Winter is Coming – time for a pool fence upgrade!

Winter is Coming – time for a pool fence upgrade!

Is it time for a pool fence upgrade? It is wintry, unpleasant and bucketing down constantly, wait, no it isn’t, we live on the Gold Coast! we have beautiful weather (almost) all year around! However, just because it is blue skies, does not mean that we all intend to freeze in the pool. So if you are like most people, your pool is most likely going to go unused for almost all of winter. That suggests that now is the most ideal time to update your pool fence to a beautiful glass pool fence, or most especially get one set up in the first place.

If you really don’t have a pool fence at all, you really will want to get one immediately. Due to 2016 laws you can face a huge penalty for not having a correct pool fence that is put in and certified professionally. You can find out more about these QLD pool fencing rules here  If you have any problems, call us on 1300 937 902.

If you are looking at a pool fence upgrade, look no further. Absolut custom glass has been installing custom glass pool fences on the Gold Coast for over a Decade. We have been involved with remarkable projects with the Thallon Mole Group  and were even the company that set up the pool fence into the famous Gold Coast Q1 

If you are looking at a pool fence upgrade, you need to consider whether you want it to be fully frameless glass, or if you prefer posts. Both are great products and vary in cost- but a common mistaken belief is that people think that frameless is not as reliable. This just isn’t true. In fact, because of the thickness of the glass needed to take care of the weight, fully frameless can even be safer than those with posts! There are loads of options you will need to take into consideration, such as these post options, spigots, channels, patches and even colours and quality. That is why you really should talk to a professional to talk you through the process.

And before you know it, summer will be close and the children will choose to be in the pool every single day after school, you will be holding BBQs, and you are going to want to make sure that your pool fence is the very best it can be. So if you are thinking about a pool fence upgrade, would like to talk to us more about glass solutions, and even just want to chat, call Absolut on 1300 937 902, or visit Absolut Projects to learn more. Or check out our partner organisations  – together our goal is to reach out to deliver quality Pool fences to more places on the Gold Coast, Frameless Glass Gold Coast, Affordable Glass Fencing, and Frameless Glass installers. 

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