Pool Fencing Certification

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Pool Fencing Certification
Pool Fencing Certification
Pool Fencing Certification

If you have a property with a pool in Australia, it is your duty to ensure that the barriers of entry to your pool are properly certified and in alignment with the appropriate state pool safety legislation. These laws have been introduced and enforced for good reason, as uncontrolled water immersion can lead to serious injury or death very quickly and most of the time could be avoided. The statistics are shocking; 63% of all drownings in 2018-19 of children aged 0–4 years, occurred in swimming pools. Yes, accidents can happen however, a professionally installed and officially certified pool fence is the most effective preventative measure against unnecessary loss of life. The installation safety standards which are required to be adhered by, are comprehensive & specifically designed to significantly mitigate the risk of drowning in a swimming pool.

Generally speaking, most property owners take the appropriate responsible action when made aware of the regulations, often finding themselves in the market for a compliant pool fence and accompanying pool safety certificate. If you are one such property owner, this can be viewed as an opportunity to avoid punitive measures against you for non-compliance whilst simultaneously adding value and prestige to your property. Following the rules has never been more aesthetically pleasing and affordable than with an Absolut Custom Glass Systems professionally installed pool fence. Our crews make no concessions when it comes to safety & we follow the rules to letter when installing every single one of our pool fencing designs. So, when it comes time for third party certifier to make an inspection you can rest assured that they will be impressed with the workmanship and adherence to the safety protocols. At Absolut Custom Glass Systems, we like to think that the certifiers take another glance over their shoulder whilst after signing off on another one of our projects – just to further appreciate how damn good our pool fences look.

Some of the key elements to every safe pool fence for inspection and certification in QLD are as follows; The heights of the fence, which is to be of a minimum height of 1200mm with the gap between the panel and the ground to at no point exceed 100mm. For fences with top to bottom heights lesser than 1800mm, require any climbable structure or stepping points to be no closer than 900mm away from the fence.

The gaps in the vertical structures must not be in excess of 100mm at any point. However, where the horizontal rails amount to less than 900mm apart, the vertical rails spaces should not exceed 10mm. The pool safety regulations also dictate that all pool fence gates should have some form of self-closing or latching mechanism whilst never opening inward (towards) the pool. Further things to look out for are access into areas through existing doors and windows, CPR signage and a gap no less than 900mm between hinges and latches thicker than 10mm.

You don’t personally need to concern yourself with all of these technical details – if you want a great looking pool fence fit for certification, we have got you covered. We will do all the hard planning for you and make sure your vision is feasible but still in alignment with the regulations. If you are reading this and this is something on your to do list – perhaps think of the potential consequences of leaving something like this unchecked. If a court issued penalty of up to $19,437 is not enough to motivate you to follow the law, ask yourself – how much money is a life worth?

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION This is not be used as a guide for pool fence certification. Please contact a local pool fence certifier in your area to receive expert advice and certification.

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