Glass Pool Fencing Broadbeach Waters. We received a website enquiry for a quote on a pool fence in Broadbeach Waters. The owners were not sure if they wanted a fully frameless glass pool fence or a semi-frameless glass pool fence. They naturally wanted to compare prices and see what our schedule for installation would be. The owners were used to having an uninterrupted view of the canal from the house and swimming pool.

After comparing the quotes for fully frameless glass and semi-frameless glass pool fencing the owners were quite surprised that there was such little difference in price. They opted for our fully frameless glass pool fence with polished marine grade stainless steel fittings. After discussing where the fence needed to go to attain pool fence certification we were able to book in a day in the next two weeks for the team to do the installation.

The Absolut Custom Glass Systems work team arrived on site at 7am to begin core-drilling the holes for our stainless steel spigots. We were placing this fully frameless glass pool fence directly around the pool and drilling into the pool shell. The drill operator had to pay special attention to where the hole would be to ensure there was no splitting or chipping away of the pool coping, also to make sure that no mess ends up in the pool.

We have done many jobs like this before so there was no problem with this site. This is where the years of experience of our site managers and work crew really count. Once all the holes had been drilled we were able to set the spigots in our rapid set grout.

The final adjustments to make sure every panel sits level with the next were completed just after lunch and as the grout was setting. Another outstanding fully frameless glass pool fence installed in Broadbeach Waters, on budget ad on time. If you’re looking for Glass Pool Fencing Broadbeach Waters, give us a call or send us a message on our contact page and we can organise a free quote for you.