Glass Pool Fences – What Are Spigots and Patches

Glass Pool Fences – What Are Spigots and Patches?

Glass Pool Fences in Gold Coast are a challenging and difficult area to figure out. And that is certainly the reason that we want to try to educate everybody about the various types of Glass Pool Fences that are offered on the Gold Coast. This short article will take you through your options for Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fences and the kinds of posts that you can pick.

Patch Fitting System

A patch fitted frameless glass fence system works with either a 10mm or 12mm thick toughened glass panels suspended by small metal clamps that keep the glass in place. These clamps are referred to as ‘patches’ in the industry, and this makes an illusion that the glass is floating between a couple of posts, only held up by these four clamps.

In the Gold Coast, the glass is often most likely to be either 10mm or 12mm thick, the deciding factor comes down to the distance that the glass needs to span between the posts. There are generally specific rules that vary from state to state and that is the reason that we recommend using a professional installer. Importantly one that understands the regulations from your area and can make sure that your pool fence or balustrade will pass the important inspection for compliance.

These systems often tend to be a good option when your house already has some existing posts and the ground may not be a solid concrete base– this option gives extra support to make it a safer system. A example is a patio or veranda with a roof that is actually supported by posts and the floor may be a slightly older timber deck or paved on top of a gravel foundation. A frameless glass panel that is mounted on spigots may not actually be among the most suitable application for this sort of ground so the next best thing is for a patch fitted frameless system. The glass is still what we would most likely call a frameless system, as the glass is not set into any posts, but is suspended from the four little patches, two on each side.

Spigot Mounted System

Among our more in demand choices is the fully frameless glass pool fence system. It is a fully frameless glass system including glass panels, supported on top of small metal posts called ‘spigots’. Generally it will be composed of 12mm thick toughened glass panels, while the spigots are a small post that could be either placed into the floor or set with a ‘heavy duty’ rapid-set concrete. This is usually done when the glass panels will be set up on top of a strong concrete base. One choice that helps make this glass pool fence very versatile is the alternative for the spigots to be installed to a timber deck. This will needless to say depend upon the quality of the deck, and whether or not it is properly prepared with enough joist timber to fix through the decking.

The glass sits within these spigots and supports the panel, which can weigh anything up to 80kg. Due to the weight of these glass panels it is rather important that the ground they are being set on is solid with little or no possibility of motion or slippage for the lifetime of the fence. There could be some adjustment tolerances possible, but ultimately that will add to your maintenance time on the fence. However, if performed properly from the beginning then the fence really should be maintenance free – besides a little bit of cleaning.

For glass pool fencing specifically, there are stringent rules controlling to the spacing between the panels as well as the distance from the ground to the bottom of the glass, and the space from the glass panel to the side of a structure. These rules are quite specific and that is why we constantly recommend getting a professional installer to install the glass, especially on the Gold Coast due to the fact that all pool fences must be passed by a Pool Safety Inspector.

The end product will be panels of glass that look to be floating above the ground except of course for the two spigots. This style of pool fencing has become well-known over the last decade as a result of the accessibility of the toughened glass on the market. So, the name really does say it all; a frameless glass fence.

If you want to learn more about Glass Pool Fences and the role of Spigots and Patches, to get a free quote, or even to get our suggestions on exactly how best to design and structure your Glass Pool Fence solution, feel free to call us on 1300 937 902.

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