Frameless Glass Vs Aluminium Pool Fencing

Frameless Glass Vs Aluminium Pool Fencing


Swimming pool ownership in Gold Coast is a wonderful thing. It would not be an overstatement to say that the moment you have your new swimming pool installed or buy your first property with a pool, is a life changing moment. It can become the new outdoor focal point around which everyone spends the evenings and sunny weekends. Maybe it provides you with a renewed reason to get fit and you are in there regularly swimming lengths and providing yourself with a fantastic cardiovascular workout. For those families with children, it will undoubtedly become their favourite place to be when at home and obviously you will want to be sure that they are able to enjoy it safely.

However you make use of your pool, you should carefully consider the fencing you have installed around it. When making a decision it bodes well to have as much information as possible beforehand and to have compared the available options. The two most common types of fencing are glass or aluminium and whilst they perform the same general function they are quite distinct from one another. Therefore it would be wise to look into these differences to help you make your decision between purchasing your aluminium or frameless glass pool fencing in Gold Coast.

Pool Fencing – Frameless Glass Vs Aluminium


The primary function of the fencing around the pool is to keep the area safe. Sadly there are still far too many deaths occurring due to people drowning in pools, particularly children. Therefore, you need to have absolute confidence in the level of safety this safety barrier provides. Generally speaking both glass and aluminium fences are very secure if purchased from a reputable company with all the appropriate certification. However, it should be noted that some designs of aluminium fences can be climbable. As long as the correct height is adhered to then your children should be completely unable to scale the sheer surface of frameless glass fencing due to there being nowhere to grip hold of. In contrast, the vertical frames which are necessary in the construction of aluminium pool fencing can potentially be traversed by the more adventurous types. Take this into consideration when looking at the design of any aluminium pool fences.


Directly connected to safety comes the visibility, or lack thereof, which the fencing allows. Frameless glass will enable you to keep an eye on everything surrounding the pool area. You can relax knowing that you can watch family and friends using the pool in case of any potential accidents or even emergencies. Most aluminium types will limit visibility to various extents and there is always the potential of blind spots. The shape of your pool can often dictate the choice here too. Certain shapes will naturally obscure your view of the swimming pool when it is surrounded by metal posts whereas others will remain relatively visible.


The cost implications of any major work on your home will always have a great influence on the choice. As with any purchase, particularly relatively larger ones, you want to see value in the product. Simply put, aluminium pool fencing is generally the cheaper option here. Therefore, if this takes priority over all else you will likely go this route. That is not to say that it is of low quality but simply that the installation process and materials involved will incur lower overheads and as such should be reflected in the price. On the other hand you can think of this purchase in terms of a future investment. Frameless glass pool fencing will be massive plus when selling your home in the future. As with any renovation or restoration project, it is often wise to think long term and in that regard glass can give you a greater return later down the line.


Beyond simply the safety aspects your choice of fencing ties into the overall design style. For some, design and style is of little concern but for others it is very high up the list of requirements. Frameless glass will produce quite a glamorous pool area around which to entertain. It can also add a peaceful serenity especially if you are surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Conversely, the overall aesthetic of your property and outdoor area might be inappropriate combined with glass or aluminium pool fencing would simply favour the style more, so decide how important the look and feel is to you and choose accordingly.

Pool Size

Although a seemingly minor point, the dimensions of your pool can influence which type you should select. If the swimming area itself or even the outdoor yard in which it is situated is reasonably small then the use of glass will really help to open it up and it will create an illusion of more space. You can create a real eyesore if you do not factor this in properly. Whenever possible get mock-up photos made up that will preview the final product because this can sometimes be quite difficult to mentally visualise accurately.


Finally, you will need to think about how much time, effort and money it will take to maintain the fencing. Neither option will pose too much difficulty but they are quite different in the type and frequency of maintenance required. Glass is also very durable and it too will simply need a regular clean to maintain. However, glass can scratch much more easily than aluminium and this can be difficult to repair. In addition, glass is a little less forgiving than metal if you don’t clean it well and it will show up any grime, dirt and even handprints more visibly. It will look fantastic when it is clean but you will have to put a little work in to keep it looking that way.

The Choice Between Frameless Glass Vs Aluminium Pool Fencing Is Yours

There are numerous benefits and a few drawbacks to both of the most common options on the market but your personal circumstances will help to guide your decision. Having taken the above into careful consideration you should be able to select the most appropriate one for you fulfilling all of your criteria. Once installed, you can carry on enjoying all the pleasures your swimming pool provides, confident of the safety of your friends, families and pets, happy in the knowledge you made an informed decision.

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