Frameless Glass Fencing Gold Coast

Frameless Glass Fencing Gold Coast

Are you searching for the right fencing solution for your swimming pool? Surely, you don’t want to block the view of the shimmering blue water with a wooden or plastic fence? At Absolut Custom Glass, we have the perfect solution – the frameless glass pool fencing, which boasts of several benefits that you cannot ignore. Our frameless glass pool fencing Gold Coast services are here to give you striking glass fences for your pool.

The Visual Appeal

A clear glass fence matches any decor and mingles seamlessly with it. Moreover, you can see through the glass and appreciate the beauty of the sparkling waters, even from outside. The glass used at Absolut Custom Glass has almost invisible glass lines. These seem to become an extension of the transparent water.

Safety and Security

Since the glass fencing is transparent, you can see through and supervise every activity inside the pool. These glass fences have no gaps between them; so kids will not get stuck in those spaces. This helps minimise the risk of accidents with kids around. Our glass pool fencing Gold Coast experts use superior quality unbreakable glass that are durable and won’t cause any accidents owing to sudden force or shock.

Easy Maintenance

Glass is resistant to moisture and hence is a preferred choice in the swimming pool area. Unlike wood or metal, glass does not rot or corrode in spite of over exposure to moisture. At Absolut Custom Glass, we use stain resistant glass for pool fencing. These are very easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

Easy Installation

Glass pool fencing involves hassle free installation. At Absolut Custom Glass, we use anodised and corrosion resistant steel spigots to affix the glass fence. These spigots are firmly fixed to the ground without encumbering your existing structure in the process.

Contact Absolut Custom Glass for flawless frameless glass pool fencing installation. We have carved a niche for ourselves in frameless glass pool fencing Gold Coast services. Call 1300 937 902 for a no obligation quote or visit our free quote page here.


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