Climb points and pool dangers – the way to have a safer Frameless Glass Pool Fence.

Climb points and pool dangers – the way to have a safer Frameless Glass Pool Fence.

Frameless glass pool fences are an excellent asset to any swimming pool, but you need to make sure that you are getting a great price while not compromising safety because there are plenty of pool dangers caused by climb points.

At Absolut Custom Glass, one of the reoccurring complications we see on the Gold Coast is that people have ‘climb points’ near where the pool fence needs to go. Just why is this a predicament? Well if you want to get your Gold Coast Pool Fence certified  (by the way, you legally need one) you need to ensure there are no climbing points. If you are worried about any of these points, you can read more about it on the QLD government website or if you have any issues you can call us on 1300 937 902 or discover more on our website

So, what is a ‘climb point’? These are frequently things like Tap fittings, garden beds, as well as areas of the house. But at Absolut Custom Glass, we are used to solving this problem with Frameless Glass Pool Fences, therefore we use what is known as ‘polycarbonate’ to remove the climbing hazard. This is done by manufacturing a special cover made from polycarbonate that fits over the tap. If it has an angle on it greater than 60 degrees then it cannot be used as a climbing point. This is vital because we understand that removing external tap-fittings may not always be an option.

We use polycarbonate for this aspect of our Pool Fences on the Gold Coast because it is a far more durable product and will not fade like the previous types of Perspex. So, you can feel confident that in years to come the polycarbonate mouldings that we suggest will still look like new and remain crystal clear.

And remember, these rules apply to everyone. So even if you don’t have kids, these ‘climb points’ still have to be fixed. It is a very stringent rule, and one that we encourage you to take very seriously.

So if you are in the Gold Coast and are checking out a Frameless Glass Pool Fence, we recommend you to be familiar with the areas around your pool– and ensure that when you pool fence is set up you consider those potential climb points. Absolut Custom Glass is a well known pool fence installer on the Gold Coast, and if you wish to talk to us more about your particular needs with climbing points or pool fence safety, call us on 1300 937 902 and take a look at a few of our success stories on our website.

Don’t forget to check out our partner organisations  – together our goal is to reach out to deliver quality Pool fences to more places on the Gold Coast, Affordable Glass Fencing, Frameless Glass Gold Coast, and Frameless Glass installers. 


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