Black Spigots with Matching Black Stainless Hardware

The use of black spigots and black stainless hardware in glass pool fencing and glass balustrade has become increasingly popular and we are now finding ourselves using black spigots and matching black hardware in most of our custom glass fencing installations.

Many of today’s modern properties use both light and dark shades in the external colour scheme and the use of black hardware in the glass pool fencing and glass balustrade has worked to compliment these light and dark tones beautifully.

We have a huge range of black hardware available including powder coated black stainless spigots, black latches, black hinges, black standoffs and black handrails. Basically, every piece of stainless hardware used in glass pool fencing and glass balustrade installations is now available in matt black.

Our black spigot range includes base plated spigots, top fix spigots, face mount spigots and core drilled spigots.

No longer are our clients limited to polish and satin finishes in their choice of stainless hardware and this has been welcomed with open arms.

Are other spigot colours available?

Since the release of matt black hardware, we have been asked if it is possible to have hardware in other colours, such as white.

Well, we have some great news; we are now offering our clients the option to have custom finish spigots! No longer are our clients limited to black, polish and satin, but you can now theme your frameless glass pool fencing and frameless glass balustrade in a huge range of colours!

  • Large range of colours available for job lot powder coating
  • Premium commercial powder coat finishes available
  • Interpon D2525 series
  • Dulux Premium series (Duratec & Electro ranges)
  • Contact us for the colour selection available
  • Australia’s best practice powder coating is followed: Whip blast followed by an epoxy primer and then powder coated

If you are considering using custom coloured hardware on your frameless glass pool fence or glass balustrade, contact us today for a free quote.

Want custom coloured glass fencing hardware for a DIY project? Visit our online store DIY Frameless Glass for all your DIY glass fencing and aluminium screening needs.

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