Winter is Coming – time for a pool fence upgrade!

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Is it time for a pool fence upgrade? It is wintry, unpleasant and bucketing down constantly, wait, no it isn't, we live on the Gold Coast! we have beautiful weather (almost) all year around! However, just because it is blue skies, does not mean that we all intend to freeze in the pool. So if [...]

Climb points and pool dangers – the way to have a safer Frameless Glass Pool Fence.

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Frameless glass pool fences are an excellent asset to any swimming pool, but you need to make sure that you are getting a great price while not compromising safety because there are plenty of pool dangers caused by climb points. At Absolut Custom Glass, one of the reoccurring complications we see on the Gold Coast is that [...]

The Q1 Pool fence is the Tallest residential pool fence in Australia thanks to Absolut!

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Did you know that the Q1 pool fence in the penthouse is a Pool Fencing Record? When it involves Frameless Glass Pool fencing on the Gold Coast, many people imagine a few small panels around the classic backyard pool. But no more! Absolut Custom Glass Systems were involved in the creation of the Q1's Penthouse Pool [...]

The New Pool Fence Laws that could get you in trouble on the Gold Coast

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Pool Fences are a commonplace sight in the Gold Coast, yet with new Pool Fence Laws from 2016, many pools may in fact be no longer certified. So, if you own a Glass Pool Fence in the Gold Coast-- or even an aluminum fence, I encourage you to keep reading and make sure that you [...]

What are Pool Fence channels? guide to Glass Pool Fences in The Gold Coast,

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Glass Pool Fences in the Gold Coast are a frustrating area to find out, especially Pool Fence channels because they are a niche area but can have a large affect upon the type of style that you choose. That is the very reason why we would like to try and teach everybody as much as possible [...]

Glass Pool Fences – what are Spigots and Patches?

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Glass Pool Fences in the Gold Coast are a challenging and difficult area to figure out. And that is certainly the reason that we want to try to educate everybody about the various types of Glass Pool Fences that are offered on the Gold Coast. This short article will take you through your options for [...]

Glass Clarity and Glass colours – What you need to know.

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Glass clarity is an area that many people don't think of with Glass pool fences, but there are actually a number of different types of glass that will give a more 'pure' colour without the green tinge that you can sometimes get with cheaper glass. Similarly, whenever we do quotes for Frameless Glass pool fences [...]